Matisse Funds- The Experts in Discounted Closed-End Fund Management and Research

We believe the greatest opportunities for long-term, repeatable outperformance comes from a disciplined, unemotional, and contrarian investment approach. Buying closed-end funds at significant discounts to their net asset values and selling them once they return to favor is a proven, successful strategy. 

The Matisse Discounted Closed-End Fund Strategy is designed to take advantage of these types of market inefficiencies, and to provide institutional investors with long-term outperformance coupled with less risk and lower correlation to the overall stock market.

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"Few investment instruments available on the open market are more misunderstood than closed-end funds, perhaps because at only $150 billion the entire CEF universe does not command a great deal of attention.

But investors who recognize a few key aspects are in a position to both capitalize on their unique properties, such as attractive dividends, and avoid the traps that can occur in this space." 9-29-09 Closed-End Fund Bargains